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fund research to CURE Histiocytosis.

Since 2011, the Histio CURE Foundation has donated $1.9 million to Histiocytosis research.

Together, we can fund a CURE!

About The Histio CURE Foundation

In April 2011, a group of deeply committed parents founded The Histio CURE Foundation (HCF) with the intent of fundraising to support medical research towards finding a cure for Histiocytosis. Today, HCF is a 100% volunteer organization led by a group of individuals all impacted by Histiocytosis – some as parents of histio children, others as adult histio patients. As a result, 100% of your donations go directly towards medical research.

Your generous donations, no matter how big, make a huge difference in the lives of histio patients and their families. HCF has helped fund 18 ground-breaking research papers authored by the amazing team at the Texas Children’s Hospital. Additionally, HCF helps fund the “Spit for a CURE” study.

In 2018, HCF hit an extraordinary milestone donating $1.9 million to research towards finding a CURE.

Please join us in our mission. Together we can FUND a cure.

Ron Bechtold & Lucus Gamble Co-chairs,
The Histio CURE Foundation


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