The Histio CURE Foundation strives for transparency and clarity in how we manage the money you have entrusted to us.  To help with this, we use two accounts: an Operations Fund and a Research Fund.

All operating expenses of the The Histio CURE Foundation are captured in the Operations Fund.  These expenses are fully underwritten by specific contributions to the Operations Fund; generally from the board members.  Our objective with this structure is to ensure we are vigilent about controlling expenses.  We don't take on expenses unless we are personally willing to pay for them.

This approach allows us to put the majority of our resources on our primary mission: raising funds to support the research that will get us to a cure in the next ten years.  You can see in the Research Fund that donations to The Histio CURE Foundation comes from fundraising events off all types.  Some are large, but equally important are the other events that when added together consitute a lare portion of the funds raised each year.

With our structure, we are able to ensure that 100% of each donation that comes into HCF for research goes out of HCF as a research grant (beyond credit card fees and goods you may have received tied to your contribution).  You work hard for the money you have earned and entrusted to us.  We are committed to managing your money responsibly, effectively, and transparently.  We want you to be able to speak confidently about HCF and our mission to your friends and family when asking them to make a contribution.

Histio Cure Financials for Year-End 2016