How do I donate?

The Histio Cure Foundation welcomes your donations! You can donate in two ways:

You can donate securely online right HERE.

Or, if you prefer, you can mail a check to:

The Histio Cure Foundation
P.O. Box 1104
Belmont, CA 94002

If your check is in honor or in memory of someone special, or if it is in support of a HCF event, please note that on the check so we can let your honoree know of your donation.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to raise funds to support major research programs focused on finding a CURE for histiocytic disorders.

Is HCF a 501(c)(3) organization?

The Histio CURE Foundation is a federally approved tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) the Internal Revenue Code, Federal Tax ID number 45-2050298. Your donation is tax deductible to extent allowed by law.

What is our goal?

Our goal is a world in which histiocytic disorders are no longer a threat to the lives of children or adults.

Who formed the foundation?

The Histio CURE Foundation was formed by parents and grandparents of children affected by histiocytic disorders.  Some of us have a child fighting the disease, some of us are anxiously watching a child for signs of relapse, and some of us have lost a child to this disease. Some of us are adults patients. We all have been involved in the histiocytosis community for many years and have supported numerous awareness, education, fundraising and family support efforts.  ]We have now have joined together to focus our efforts on raising funds to support research towards a CURE for histiocytosis.

Who runs the foundation?

The Histio CURE Foundation is operated by a Board of Directors comprised of members who are committed to fulfilling our mission and achieving the goal of raising substantial funds to support major research programs focused on finding a CURE for histiocytic disorders.

  • Ron Bechtold Co-Chair
  • Lucus Gamble Co-Chair
  • Rosanne Clifford Treasurer
  • Alexis Bertauche Secretary
  • Colleen McPeek-Bechtold Development
  • Daniel E. Ramón Communications
  • Tatiana Peterson Rare Affair

How many paid employees does the HCF have?

Zero. Each of the board members listed above donate their time and talents, drawing no salaries whatsoever. At times, we contract with professionals who have expertise that are beyond our board capabilities for things like legal and technical issues; however, those costs are paid for from an administrative fund that is covered by board members and friends of HCF. 

What percent of my donation will go towards medical research?

100% of every dollar donated for research goes directly to the highest caliber researchers working to understand histiocytosis. The HCF mission is solely to FUND a cure for histiocytosis. There are several other organizations whose missions include providing education and patient support to the histio community. HCF has a specific goal of funding medical research so you can be assured that 100% of your donations will be directed to medical research unless you specify that you would like to support the operating budget.

Why was the foundation formed?

We each have worked many years to raise funds to support research to find a cure for the disease affecting children like ours. We feel the time has come to take that fundraising to another level to send significant funds to accelerate promising on-going research and accelerate progress at better understanding, more effective treatments and ultimately a CURE for all histiocytic disorders.

Our job is to allow those researchers to work at a faster pace than currently possible with their existing funding.  By providing extra funding to work in progress, we hope to accelerate the path to a CURE.

Many non-profits related to histiocytosis exist. Why establish another?

Existing organizations support a range of valuable missions including awareness, education, family, and patient support. The Histio CURE Foundation intends to supplement those efforts with a very specific focus on accelerating promising research that with substantial incremental funding can lead us to a CURE for these diseases in our targeted time frame.   

Our vision is one where families and histio groups work together to raise the funds needed to find a CURE for histiocytic disorders.

Together we will fund a CURE.