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Spit For A Cure


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The Histiocytosis Program, at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, has the largest Histiocytosis clinic in the world.  The program is led by Doctors Kenneth L. McClain, Carl E. Allen, and Stephen Simko.  On March 24, 2012, at the first annual Hike for a Cure Texas in Austin, they kicked off their Spit For A Cure campaign.  Their goal is to enroll 500 triads into the campaign - the Histio patient, the mother, and the father.  Any Histio Warrior, child or adult, who has or has had any form of Histiocytosis, and can obtain samples from the parents, is encouraged to participate.  All that is required is a small spit sample and completed consent and history forms.  By analyzing and comparing genetic information, they hope to identify and uncover the inherited risk factors in all Histiocytic Diseases.  It only takes about 45 minutes to fill out the forms and to prepare the samples.  To request a sample kit be sent to you, please email your contact and mailing information to Linna Zhang at


 UPDATE MARCH 2016 - Samples from 250+ families have been collected so far.





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