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About The HistioCure Foundation

On April 26th, 2011, a group of parents and grandparents of children affected by histiocytic disorders formally established The Histio CURE Foundation.  We have a clear mission: to raise significant funds to support major research programs focused on finding a cure for histiocytic disorders.  Who are we?  Some of us are desperately supporting a loved one fighting the disease today, some of us are anxiously watching a family member for signs of relapse, and some of us have lost a precious child to this disease. We all have been involved in the histiocytosis community for many years. You can learn about our stories here.

Why did we establish The Histio CURE Foundation?  Fighting histiocytosis isn’t a battle we chose.  We’ve been called to this battle and we cannot stand by while family and friends fight for their lives.  It is clear to us that we will not ultimately win this fight unless we aggressively support the doctors doing the research to develop a cure for histiocytosis.  That takes money – significant amounts committed over multiple years.  With that, the doctors can build the teams and run the tests required to identify the mechanisms underlying histiocytic disorders.  With that knowledge they are able to develop the treatments that will stop histiocytosis from impacting the lives of our loved ones. We established The Histio CURE Foundation to combine our forces and maximize the impact of our fundraising efforts in order to win this battle now.

We have set an ambitious goal for ourselves: to find a cure for all histiocytic disorders by 2021.  To cure a rare disease in 10 years – yes, that is a big goal. We did not set it lightly.  We did not establish The Histio CURE Foundation casually either.  A clear goal helps us to establish a well defined plan with the doctors.  Each phase of the plan costs a quantifiable amount of money, which drives our fundraising objectives.  A clear goal makes our priorities clear, allows our progress to be measured and puts a sense of urgency in all that we do.  Our objectives for this year are available here.  The description of the projects we have funded and their status are here.

To maximize the money we send to the doctors doing this critical research, we have no paid staff.  We are all volunteers, and considering the demands of our day jobs we aren’t always able to move as quickly as we would like.  All our operating expenses are underwritten by board members and friends of The Histio CURE Foundation.  We do this so that 100% of your donations go directly to the doctors that will help us meet our goal.  We want you to be confident that every dollar you have worked so hard to earn and have entrusted to us is being spent entirely to fund research.  We strive to be totally transparent in this – you’ll find our financial details here.

Please join us. Together we will fund a CURE!







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